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NPE 2009 Profile Pipe Machinery Update

We look forward to seeing you at the ProfilePipe Machinery booth 85039 at the NPE 2009. As typical we are hosting the booth with both Adescor and Unicor attending as our key machinery partners. A lot has developed in both companies over the past three years. Unicor have made major developments in small and large corrugator operation, and Adescor have developed many new and innovative pieces of downstream equipment for pipe extrusion plants. You can read more of this below.

I would like to invite any of my customers to get in touch with me for a link to the free attendee passes available. The NPE organizers have been very gracious for this show to make many more passes available, so please take advantage of the offer. You can get to me with my normal email address, or fill in our inquiry form just asking for the link.

We look forward to seeing you in Chicago, Tony Kime


Unicor GmbH ahead of the curve in corrugator design

In the time since the K show in Germany Unicor have been busy with new pipe corrugator product launches. In the past three months they have had two demonstrations of their small diameter technology in Hassfurt. The first in early April demonstrated a complete pipe in pipe extrusion process making a small corrugated pipe over top of a PEX pipe. This technology was running at 80' / minute and has been successfully implemented as both an in-line process and an off line process dependent on the type of PEX extrusion you do.

The most recent showing was a UC125 high speed doublewall corrugator which Unicor set the line up to run 110mm OD double wall corrugated pipe at a line speed of 30m/minute. Yes, that is 30m/min. This product was being coiled onto an automatic coiler and used for cable protection. I here of companies still running small diameter double wall at 20'/minute which is not a speed you can make money at. If you are interested in getting into high speed small diameter double wall then stop by our booth and talk with Unicor.

UC58 pipe in pipe extrusion

On large diameter technology, the recent North American designed shuttle corrugators have hit the market and are performing well. Unicor has done a great job developing a technology platform that has flexibility with the possibility to adapt to other corrugator manufacturers mold blocks and dies. The UC1800 has proven to be a great design, with fast startup, short changeovers and a compact size for a corrugator capable of making such large pipe

Doublewall die heads are another area Unicor have done a lot of work. They have been recently offering their die technologies to fit other manufacturers corrugators. If you have an old doublewall die you have been struggling with, or want to look for speed increases, its worth talking about a die upgrade.

UC125 pipe corrugator

We continue to get interest in the continuous molding of consumer packaging products. The pipe corrugator is ideally suited to make endless tubular extrusions which have a repeating pattern not suitable for production in a traditional vacuum tank. Unicor continue to look for partners in the development of this technology for food packaging containers.

Other great news for Unicor is the recent announcement of their acquisition of the Fraenkishe corrugator machinery business. Another good reason to stop by and talk with Matthias about the specifics of the agreement.

There is no doubt that the Unicor people are world leaders in pipe corrugator technology. Offering innovation, continuous improvement, creativity and flexibility in doing business they are a great company to work with. And we would not want to forget the Unicor technicians, who are some of the best trained in the industry, and if you want to check up on this, just ask some of the customers who have worked with them.

UC125 pipe corrugator

Adescor Inc., well into the automatic coiler program


Adescor who are a specialist company in down stream and accessory equipment for corrugated pipe plants have continued their work in the area of automatic coilers. After a lengthy period of re-engineering the newly designed Mecasoft coilers with the BNR operating system are in the plants and working well. We have coilers running in HDPE water pipe production, PVC ENT production and 4" corrugated pipe production. Success in all major pipe coiling areas we are initially targeting. We are also capable of offering recoiling systems for the PEX industry.

The invention of a filter attachment system for the Adescor automatic coiler has been a great addition to the technology. As in most 4" corrugated pipe plants we are faced with 25% - 40% of small coil production being filtered. We needed a way to fasten the ends, and also cut through. The Adescor guys came through with some innovative ways to accomplish this and the Adescor corrugated pipe automatic coiler is fit to meet the needs of our typical customer

Another new product we have at Adescor is a device to cut larger diameter pipe into smaller pieces, ready for the grinder. Every company who enters into large diameter pipe production becomes faced with a gang of guys using sawsalls to cut pipe into sections at some point during production. While we all know corrugators can run flawlessly, sometimes things happen that cause a larger amount of scrap to be produced than typical. The new Adescor pipe slicer is designed to be space sensitive, portable and intended to be brought out when you need it. Come and talk to us for more details.

Adescor 1860 cutoff

The most recent addition to the Adescor large diameter corrugated pipe equipment is the new 1860 punch perforator. Using a hydraulic punch system we have eliminated the drill system to offer a quieter and cleaner perforator. Designed to do either 8 or 12 rows of holes it will handle 18" - 60" ID pipe meeting all the standard perforating requirements.

Of course we have all the standard Adescor equipment to talk about, pipe cutoffs, dump tables, liner trimmers, spin welders and a range of fabricated fittings equipment and leak testers that every corrugated pipe plant eventually needs.

We look forward seeing you at the show.

Adescor automatic coiler

We are a supporter of Unicor GmbH and work with them on corrugator projects. We have been selling and supporting their equipment for over 17 years. With many manufacturers using their corrugated pipe machinery in North America, Unicor are a world leader of pipe corrugator technology. Get in touch with us for a quotation.

We offer a broad range of pipe extrusion downstream equipment. This includes pipe cutters, takeoff tables, crating equipment and many other accessory machinery used in a pipe plant. The equipment is made in Huron Park, Ontario by Adescor who have been building machinery for pipe extrusion plants for over 20 years.

We offer a range of pipe coiler solution for winding pipe or profiles in extrusion plants. From small manually operated single reel machines to large double head fully automatic systems, we have a pipe winder solution that will meet your needs. The machinery can be used in both solid wall or corrugated pipe extrusion systems.

We offer replacement molds for many types of pipe corrugators used in North America. We also offer proto-typing capability for technical tubes and hoses through a number of our partners. If you need molds made for a new part, and want us to organize the test run, we are happy to do so.